One Wire Data

from Picton Weather


One_Wire Addons

Some 1_wire system addons for your web page.

 I use this addon as a soil temperature reading, and a night sky conditions display on my main web page.
The night sky conditions unit can easily be used as a daytime sky conditions as well.


 The Instructions:-


 The files below are NOT required if you are using the 'RaspberryPi' :-)

Using the Raspberry Pi is the easy method. See the Raspberry Pi page for instructions.

But read the instructions above as most still apply.


This file is copied into a directory on your computer.

For example copy to [C://Cumulus/1-wire]


Download the drivers for the 1_wire setup. The one wire program won't work without the driver.

Select either the 64 bit driver or the 32 bit driver. Run the driver program.

After running the driver plug the 1_wire USB unit into a spare usb and the driver will be installed.

Java needs to be installed in your computer.
If it is not installed then download and run this JavaSetup file.