One Wire Data

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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi and the 1-wire sensors

I am using the Raspberry Pi [rpi] computer to run my Weather Station using CumulusMX.

The rpi will also read the data from the 1-wire sensors.

Just plug your 1_wire USB Adaptor into a USB port (in your powered USB Hub) and away it goes. The data is available in the [/sys/bus/w1/devices/] directory.

You need to add  dtoverlay=w1-gpio to the 'config.txt'  sudo nano /boot/config.txt  (at the end of the file )

You also need a few DS18S20  This is the Temperature Sensor.

See for more info.

Here is the programming that goes in a Python file called []

Download that and put it in the /home/pi/ directory. You will need to change the devices code to match your own sensors in the 'base_dirx' lines. This file shows three sensors so you will need to add or delete bits as required.

And to run the program use: sudo python

 See the 'Required Hardware' page for more info.