One Wire Data

from Picton Weather

One Wire Hardware

These items are required to run the 1_wire addon


Check "The Hobby Boards Website" for information about connecting the 1_wire components. Click Here.

 Unfortunately "Hobby Boards" are no longer in business. Do an internet search for 1_wire components.

Here is a list of items that are required:

 The 1_wire USB Adaptor

DS18S20  This is the Temperature Sensor.
See the 'Hobby Boards' website for other options.

Adaptor Cable RJ45 to RJ11 3ft (1m)

RJ-45 Coupler (This joins the above
Adaptor cable to your length of RJ45 Network Cable).

My setup is:-
USB adaptor pluged in computer, Adaptor cable pluged into the USB adaptor and the RJ-45 coupler. Then about 10 meters of Cat5 Network cable connects the RJ-45 coupler to the outside Sensors.
Two DS18S20 sensors are then wired to the outside end of the Cat5 Network Cable. One is encased in Silicon to make sure it is well sealed and buried in the lawn to read the Soil Temp.
The other Sensor is set in Black Silicon (see photo) and exposed to the sky to read sky conditions.
A glass, as in photo, can be placed over the sensor and the unit then also works out the daytime cloud cover as well as night.

See the Home page for all the required programing.


1Wire solar unit

1_wire solar in a jar.
Dont use the jar if only Night cloud cover is required.